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Skilliam is the digital coaching platform to find the perfect coach and mentor for you, or become one yourself.

From now on you can also offer your cabaret or concert with us.

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First Steps

How it works

➀ The Coaching begins here. is the social network for your talents, skills and abilities.

Create your free coach profile. Tell your story, share your knowledge and your skills.

Or you take the chance and just get your own coach and learn from the best.

➁ You show what you can, we do the rest.

Become a coach and use Skilliam to earn money with your passion. Create your personal offer and choose your price, or offer your content for free.

Additional functions like memberships, the leaderboard and the possibility to advertise other coaches.

➂ It's more fun togehter.

Skilliam takes the coaching experience to a new level. We offer all tools to learn, blog, work, chat and train together with the coaches, fans and the community.

Achieve common goals and share your success!

The Coaches

Learn from the best.

Noah Collet






Katharina Koteschowetz


The Categories

From A like Abs, to Z like Zumba.

The right category for everyone.

We cover all areas around the body. From fitness & nutrition, to motivation and mindset.

Choose from one of our categories and find the right coach for you or share your skills and knowledge with others.

Here are a few sample categories. Press "MORE" to browse all categories.


Exercises, nutrition, handling of equipment & muscle building.

➠ more..

Lose weight

Achieve your goal weight with exercises, recipes and knowledge from pros.

➠ more..


Everything about the topic - Life without food & products of animal origin.

➠ more..


Learn the way of breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures.

➠ more..
The Functions

What are the advantages of Skilliam?

Risk free

Start your own online business immediately, for free and without risk. Manage your customers and content in your Profile & Dashboard. Use the opportunity and scale without a limit.

Money, Money, Money

Sell your content and knowledge in the form of monthly subscriptions, get support through memberships and recruit other coaches to make extra money.


Get all the tools and functions around coaching, & customers for free. So you as a coach can offer a complete package.


Secure SSL encryption of your data.

No ads

You only see advertising when there is something to be won!


Use all the opportunities, such as news & group chat, to work and communicate with your community.

The Users

Who uses Skilliam?

✔ Do you want to coach your fans and followers, work with them, share achievements or just share exclusive content?

✔ You want to build your own online coaching business?

✔ You want to make money without advertising and only with your content?

Now you have the chance to create your personal profile for free and start right away!

✔ You want to offer 1on1 coaching?

✔ You want to help a larger group of people realize their dreams?

✔ You want to make your content available for free to catch your eye and win new customers?

✔ You want to use Skilliam's tools to help you focus on your business?

Now you have the chance to create your personal profile for free and start right away!

✔ You want to take the chance to earn money with your content in a new way?

✔ You want to share your photos for free?

✔ You want new followers for your blog or Instagram page?

Now you have the chance to create your personal profile for free and start right away!

With Skilliam and our functions, we offer everyone the opportunity to use the platform in their own way.

✔ Do you have any knowledge or content you would like to share?

✔ Would you like to offer your followers something new and exclusive?

✔ Want to start building your own online business?

Now you have the chance to create your personal profile for free and start right away!

The F.A.Q.'s

And everything clear?

Do you have any Questions?

Then you will find the most frequently asked ones here.

And if that still does not answer your question, we are always there for you!

Be creative! Create courses, post prescriptions, ... Courses & Workouts - Create training plans and nutrition plans. General plans for everyone or personalized, as a limited offer.

Further possibilities are: writing and blogging, consultations, individual offers, video courses, ..

Of course, and it's even so desired and planned. You can use your personal profile to present yourself and your life. This means you can not only sell subscriptions, but also promote and promote your website, sponsors, affiliate, products, and more.
We take care of the complicated things so you can focus on your business. The technical part is our job, you can focus on your community and your offer.

The use of the page and your profile is 100% free as a coach and without any risk. We only earn something, if you earn something.

We also want everything to be transparent. A coach gets from his sold subscriptions 80%. The other 20% covers all costs and payment service providers.

If any questions have come up, we'll be happy to help you.

Just send us an email:

"Knowledge is the only good that increases when you share it."

With SKILLIAM you have the chance to share your content, knowledge, and passion, as well as the opportunity to make money from it.

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